Prevent vehicle downtime with predictive maintenance

Mechanics are proactively informed of future technical problems and maintenance needs within your fleet. Our solutions monitor all vehicles remotely to prevent breakdowns and consequential damages.

Remote Fault Diagnostics
Predictive Maintenance
Simplify Communication
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Trusted by leading mobility providers

VAG Nürnberg
Before and After

Achieve reduced vehicle downtime by planning ahead for technical problems

Buses and trucks come for maintenance in regular intervals. However, these workshop visits are only snapshots of the reality and cannot uncover all health issues. The only way to reduce unplanned vehicle downtime is the constant real-time monitoring and analysis of technical problems. Mechanics need to be made aware of irregularities within the fleet before they lead to operational disruptions.

Before: Flexibility and reserve capacity are essential

  • Vehicle replacements during operation due to questionable vehicle health
  • Unplanned workshop visits due to sudden faults
  • Long downtime duration for serious damages
  • Long wait time for spare part orders due to supply chain interruptions
remote diagnostics from awake mobility

After: Unplanned downtime is reduced to a minimum

  • Vehicle replacements are reduced as only healthy buses are put into operation
  • Unplanned workshop visits are reduced due to remote assessment of fault severity
  • Serious damages are reduced through early intervention triggered by proactive alerts
  • Transparent vehicle conditions allow just-in-time spare part orderings
Remote Fault Diagnostics
Predictive Maintenance
Simplify Communication
Our Features

We increase availability and maintenance efficiency of commercial fleets.

Our platform serves diverse needs in vehicle maintenance and planning, fostering effective communication among stakeholders. With continuous updates and innovative features, we strive to elevate the experience and empower all involved, ensuring a dynamic and collaborative environment.

Remote Diagnostics

Leveraging remote diagnostics ensures swift issue identification from a distance, reducing on-site dependencies and accelerating problem resolution.
  • Receive and delete all fault codes with translation and severity
  • Resolve problems swiftly, reducing disruptions
  • Reduce frequency and duration of unplanned workshop visits

Predictive Maintenance

Harnessing predictive maintenance enables early issue detection, minimizing unforeseen disruptions, expediting resolution and helps you to optimize your workshop capacity.
  • Anticipate and address problems before they disrupt operations
  • Minimize downtime and reduce overall maintenance expenses
  • Prolong asset life through timely interventions

Condition monitoring

Utilizing continuous condition monitoring guarantees ongoing awareness of equipment health, averting unexpected failures and streamlining timely interventions.
  • Detect issues early to avoid costly downtime
  • Enhance equipment longevity through proactive monitoring
  • Reduce repair expenses with preventive measures

Alarm for critical events

Implementing alarms for critical events ensures rapid response to potential issues, mitigating risks and facilitating prompt resolution.
  • Swift Reaction to Urgent Alerts
  • Prevent accidents, breakdowns and replacement
Remote Fault Diagnostics
Predictive Maintenance
Simplify Communication

Trusted by leading mobility providers

Autobus Oberbayern has significantly minimized vehicle downtime since the implementation of AWAKE Mobility's solution in 2021. As the esteemed technology partner for Autobus Oberbayern, AWAKE Mobility has been actively engaged in advancing and enhancing the company's operational processes.

"The implementation of AWAKE Mobility's solution has helped to reduce our maintenance times and increases our vehicle availability."

Nicki Schieb
Engineering Director
Three workers talking to each other surrounded by tools and equipment for transport vehicles maintenance and repair.
Safety, Control and predictability

Get control, security/predictability and controllability over your fleet.

Every day, millions of people work to make communities run smoothly. They are on the front lines building our cities of the future. Delivering our goods. Making sure we have water and electricity. Every day, Samsara works to make these important tasks better, safer and simpler

"The implementation of AWAKE Mobility's solution has helped to reduce our maintenance times and increases our vehicle availability."

Nicki Schieb
Engineering Director
Remote Fault Diagnostics
Predictive Maintenance
Simplify Communication
Process of implementation

Implementation process for higher workshop efficiency

Our implementation process is swift and efficient. With dedicated support and reliable partnerships, we strive for seamless implementation, even in situations with constraints on time and human resources.

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Our hardware components are easy to deploy and our Customer Success team will support you in the set up and implementation.

Feedback & Optimization

Our customer success team helps set up and optimize your processes with our platform, addressing questions in regular sessions.

Remote Fault Diagnostics
Predictive Maintenance
Simplify Communication
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Frequently asked questions and answers

Is AWAKE Mobility able to cover different vehicle brands?

Yes, in contrast to most manufacturer solutions, AWAKE Mobility provides a multi-brand approach. It not only captures the basic FMS data points, but goes much deeper with remote OBD diagnostics as well as connections to several CAN-bus systems. All in all, our system provides the most vehicle data in the market and allows easy comparison between vehicle brands. No matter if you drive Mercedes, Setra, MAN, Iveco, Solaris or other brands, AWAKE provides you with the necessary insights required.

How can AWAKE Mobility's solution contribute to cost savings for commercial fleets?

Our solution enhances workshop processes and improves the efficiency of workshop mechanics. Further cost savings can be achieved through the reduction of damages, spare vehicles, spare parts and vehicle replacements on the road.

How does AWAKE Mobility's solution differ from traditional fleet management systems?

Traditional fleet management systems collect data from the standardized FMS interface. FMS data is a limited set of data points which are provided to allow basic fleet management. AWAKE Mobility, however, does not only collect 200 times more data points through various interfaces, but interprets data and provides actionable insights. Additionally, the platform allows to digitize and automate entire end-to-end to processes such as maintenance interval planning or the communication regarding vehicle faults.

What is predictive maintenance?

Predictive maintenance helps to plan for future technical problems. An artifical intelligence analyses the real-time health status of different components and alerts the mechanics if critical anomalies are detected. This allows to order the right spare parts and plan for maintenace just before a technical problem would interrupt the operations.

What is the difference between remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance?

Every manufacturer provides a proprietary OBD-diagnostics computer which allows to diagnose error codes of their own vehicles. This requires the bus to visit the workshop in order to be connected to the computer. Remote diagnostics on the other hand, allow to read out error codes remotely. While remote diagnostics identify current faults, predictive maintennace goes one step further and predicts future technical problems. These problems can be pre-identified through continous AI-analyses of raw sensor data.