Remote diagnostics for transparency everywhere

Technical issues can be identified from everywhere at any time, allowing for prompt troubleshooting and resolution without on-site visits, minimizing downtime and boosting operational efficiency.

Remote Fault Diagnostics
Predictive Maintenance
Simplify Communication
Remote Diagnostics

Unleash the power of Remote Diagnostics

Remote diagnostics for commercial fleet operators offer real-time readings of fault codes over OBD2 - just remotely. The multi-brand solution is suitable for all manufacturers and not only provides a clear translation and severity of the fault, but also allows to erase fault codes remotely.

  • Recieve all fault codes with translation and severity
  • Resolve problems swiftly, reducing disruptions
  • Cut travel costs and time for on-site visits
  • Proactively detect issues for enhanced reliability
  • Access diagnostics from anywhere for efficient maintenance
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