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Remote diagnostics

Remote diagnostics for transparency everywhere

Remote diagnostics for commercial fleet operators offer real-time readings of fault codes over OBD2 - just remotely. The multi-brand solution is suitable for all manufacturers and not only provides a clear translation and severity of the fault, but also allows to erase fault codes remotely.

Condition monitoring

Optimize your performance with real-time condition monitoring

Condition monitoring provides a continuous observation of the current health level of all vehicles at the same time. Liquid levels are monitored, wear and tear anomalies are detected, critical fault code combinations are investigated and more. An integrated alarm system makes sure mechanics are always up to date of their fleet’s current condition and can act immediately once critical situations appear.

Predictive maintenance

Unleashing the power of predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance anticipates and addresses issues before they occur in commercial fleets. While condition monitoring is all about the current health, predictive maintenance focuses on the future health. Optimal spare part replacements can be scheduled, corrective maintenance can be combined with regular service intervals and more. Predictions become possible trough advanced AI-powered anomaly detections and pattern recognitions.

Service & appointment rules

Streamlined service & appointment rules

Some workshop visits are legally binding. Other visits are warranty-dependent. In order to schedule appointments correctly, km- and time-based conditions need to be taken into account. AWAKE’s service & appointment scheduler allows to set individual rules for vehicles which automatically create workshop appointment.

Task management & documentation

Streamlined task management and documentation

The task management and documentation feature allows to create work orders and to follow a structured processing process. This makes sure that tasks are documented seamlessly without gaps. Notes an picture for each task can be taken and all related information are automatically traceable.


Unveiling a holistic view of your driving habits with Eco-Drive

Diesel is one of the biggest cost drivers. Sustainable driving can have a significant impact on cost reductions. Especially the range of electric vehicles is immensely impacted by driving style. The eco-drive functionality analyses the fuel consumption of the vehicles as well as the drivers. Based on behavioral driving trends, trainings for a more sustainable driving style can be set up. Also vehicle anomalies for too high fuel consumptions can be detected.

Driver App

Easy-to-use app for prompt fault reporting

The driver app allows drivers to report problems which they hear, see or feel. They are led through a guided reporting process with provided categories. Our multi-lingual app allows drivers to report in their native language, to take pictures and receive feedback on the repair status of handed-in reports.

Management Reports

Predefined reportings to keep track of the overall fleet status

Our automated management report feature delivers monthly and quarterly reports, presenting key performance indicators essential for evaluating workshop efficiency. These reports encompass metrics like the number of reviewed tasks, average processing time, and offer insights into the most prominent issues, emphasizing those with the highest time requirements.

Availability Planning

Simplify your availability planning

Our availability planning tool provides a convenient and simple solution for your vehicle dispatching. You can easily label vehicles which are available for operations and those who are blocked for maintenance.


Achieve immediate action for severe incidents

The notification system allows swift awareness and immediate action for critical concerns, triggered either by user reports of significant issues or sensor detection. By incorporating alarms for crucial events, we ensure a rapid response to potential problems, thereby reducing risks and enabling prompt resolution.

Fleet Map

Reach real-time visibility of your fleet

Our solution uses GPS data to localitze vehicles and display them on a Fleet Map to provides real-time visibility into the current locations of vehicles.


Foster colaboration and streamline processes with our API

APIs act as connectors, ensuring smooth communication and data sharing with other essential systems. These systems include the charging system, workshop system, depot management system, and ITCS, where data input is required.

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