Unveiling a holistic view of your driving habits with Eco-Drive

Eco-Drive not only promotes fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability, but also empowers drivers with personalized insights, fostering responsible and economical driving habits for a greener and more cost-effective journey.

Remote Fault Diagnostics
Predictive Maintenance
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Improve your eco-efficiency with Eco-Drive

Diesel is one of the biggest cost drivers. Sustainable driving can have a significant impact on cost reductions. Especially the range of electric vehicles is immensely impacted by driving style. The eco-drive functionality analyses the fuel consumption of the vehicles as well as the drivers. Based on behavioral driving trends, trainings for a more sustainable driving style can be set up. Also vehicle anomalies for too high fuel consumptions can be detected.

  • Increase passenger comfort trough more convenient driving styles
  • Contribute to eco-friendly practices by adopting fuel-efficient driving habits
  • Receive tailored feedback on driving behavior for continuous improvement
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